We guarantee originality of our custom awards and One-Of-A-Kind art sculptures with Certificate Of Authenticity

J.L. Crystal Artistry is leading the industry with its ability to create one hundred percent original and cutting edge designs all by hand. We work with our clients on a personal and direct basis. In choosing J.L. Crystal Artistry you are dealing with the artist himself, so you know exactly what you are getting. We can execute literally any design you may have in mind or we will work with you to come to a design that you will love. Jan’s extensive experience in crystal medium enables him to have virtually no limitations when it comes to execution of design. At J.L. Crystal Artistry we often say that the only limitations are our own imaginations.

Recent example of a work that we just shipped.

This was a retirement gift from the Board of Directors to an outgoing President of a Corporation. The board of Directors for this company were looking desperately for a Steuben peace, but since the Steuben Co. are no longer in business they found us.

Here is a communication from the client:

 “Thought folks might be interested in seeing this piece we sourced, for a special presentation, for the outgoing President, one of major Fortune 500 company. This “One-Of-A-Kind” sculpture was created by Jan Lewczenko.

We were contacted right before Christmas to find a solution for this special presentation. Our client was hell bent on a Steuben piece but

they didn’t realize that Steuben has gone out of business. The deadline for presentation is 1-17-12. The piece shipped today 1-9-12, well ahead of schedule.

Jan was great to work with and very proud to have this opportunity to additionally showcase his unique talents, as they pertain to being a Master Cutter and creator of Crystal Art.

Glad to share his contact information with anyone interested. Those VIP presentations ware an integral source of revenue for Steuben

and with their demise... there is a void in being able to provide this level of artistry and quality one would assume is associated with events that deal with Presidents and Board of Directors for major Corporations, Jan can be someone we have to turn to. Glad I found him.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tom Miller

There is a huge hole in this market for those types of recognition pieces.

This one was executed from design approval to shipment in just over 3 weeks - weeks ahead  of the deadline.

Let J.L. Crystal Artistry know how we can exceed your expectations as well.

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art sculptures custom corporate gifts and awards

the choice is Crystal Clear - J. L. Crystal  Artistry

When recognizing excellence and achievement in your company let

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